Ann Miller Estate – Esquire June 1975 Oriana Fallaci / Ann Miller / Truman Capote And Many Other Stories


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Ann Miller Estate – ESQUIRE June 1975 ORIANA FALLACI ANN MILLER CAPOTE – Issue Date: JUNE, 1975; VOLUME 83 No. 6; WHOLE No. 499 IN THIS ISSUE:- COVER: Mojave by Truman Capote. TWO WOMEN: The Lady of the Tapes: ORIANA FALLACI, great reporter. David Sanford. “There is nothing that changes one like success. And power. You grow up if you use them well.” The Lady of the Taps: ANN MILLER, great hoofer. Arthur Bell. “All my life I’ve tried to be an eight-by-ten glossy” [NICE article, plus FULL page photo. Mojave: A short story by a modern master. Truman Capote. The Second Incomparable Max: Painter Max Ernst and his success . Robert Alan Aurthur. On Photographing the President: How Arnold Newman finally did it. The Worst Party in the World: Complete guest list included, 6 pages! Illustrated by Bob Schulenberg. Why I’d Rather Be Natty Bumppo Than John Dean: Natty Bumppo . the former John Dean. Composition 101: Concerning the return of garter belts. How Does It Feel To Be Bugged, Watched, Followed, Hounded and Pestered by the C.I.A.: Autobiography of a surveillee. Andrew St. George. Six Good Spies: Dirty tricksters who won World War II. Why I Split the C.I.A. and Spilled the Beans: Defection to the Communist ideal. Philip Agee. French Cooking Is Dead:The New French Cooking Is Born, Complete with recipes . Roy Andries de Groot. The Last Tropical Paradise: Micronesia is the place to look . Richard Joseph. In Praise of Smoking: This doctor feels better for a pack a day . Richard Selzer. Principal attractions: Beach fashions for the sunny side of the summer. Esquire’s Special 1975 Grooming Roundup: Industry plans for the new improved you, by Dale Kern; plus the do-it-yourself haircut, new grooming products, and the shaving rituals of the famous. Esquire’s Glove-Compartment Compendium: The latest on cooling systems, brakes, no-fault insurance and finding good service by Bill Elisburg. Arnold Gingrich’s Page, Helen Lawrenson, the Happy Sophisticate. Malcolm Muggeridge: Books. Five on China, plus Watergate. Nora Ephron: Media. Brendan Gill’s New rorker; Roger Kahn: Sports. The charitable Muhammad Ali. Martin Mayer: Recordings. Janos Starker, Nicolaus Harnoncourt. John Simon: Films. Funny Lady, At Long Last Love, Hearts and Minds. Richard Joseph: Travel Notes. Beating the prices. Auberon Waugh: Letter from Europe. Margaret Thatcher. Backstage with Esquire. Fashion Guide. Cover by Onofrio Paccione. Magazine is COMPLETE and in VERY GOOD + condition (see photo), Approx 8 1/2″ X 11″ Standard magazine Format. Vintage Esquire magazines are more and more sought after as time goes by, and they are getting more scarce on the market!