Ann Miller Estate – Life Magazine Sept 20,1937 Menuhin, Jews, Judy Garland, Ann Miller


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Ann Miller Estate – LIFE Sept 20, 1937 Menuhin, Jews, Judy Garland, Ann Miller – LIFE MAGAZINE – September 20, 1937 – Cover: Menuhin’s Hands – very good condition, some light cover wear/scuffs, few creases, wear at edges, staples have some rusting, address stamped on back cover – still has subscription insert card. Contents include: Modern Tintypers, New York Prepares to Pick a Mayor, Jews Celebrate Holiest Days, Georgia Opens Escape Proof Prison, Menuhins Resume Concerts Battle of Antietam: 75 Years After, Giant Sloth Is Tracked to Its Lair, Dr. Urey Makes Heavy Nitrogen, Bacteria: A Self-Portrait, Cleveland Air Show, Doris Lee’s Art, Caricatures: Mussolini and Hitler, Hollywood Starlets (Ann Miller, Judy Garland), Kicking Carole Lombard, Iowa Farm. Ads include:Van Camp’s Pork and Beans, Sal Hepatica, Hires Root Beer, Sealtest, Baker’s Chocolate and Cocoa, Mount Vernon Rye Whiskey, Safety Plate Glass, Filmo Movie Camera, GE Radio, Listerine Tooth Paste, Toastmaster, De Soto, Stetson Hats, Auto-Life Spark Plugs, Armstrong Linoleum Floors, RCA (8-page advertisement), Old Dutch Cleanser. Hollywood Starlets include photos of Judy Garland, Margaret Tallichet, Joan Fontaine, Nan Grey, Jean Chatburn, Olype Bradna, Lynne Carver, June Lang, Barbara Reed, Plyllis Brooks, Gloria Dickson, Virginia Gray and Ann Miller.