Haviland Limoges, Circa Early 1900’s – Pink Daisies Pancake Warmer/Server


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Haviland Limoges Pancake warmer/server, with Pank Daisies with yellow centers & green foliage – Circa Early 1900’s.   9 1/2.”D bottosm, with 8” D cover/lid,. The lid contains 24 perforations, which was specifically  designed  to release steam,which could make the pancakes “soggy”, yet maintain the temperature, through heat retention. Representative of an era gone by, this 2-piece pancake warmer is part of a larger matching “Breakfast in Bed”  serving set.  Serving sets usually contain at a minimum, a coordinating coffee cup & saucer, A small fruit cup,  a butter dish, a jelly dish, a bread saucer, & small breakfast plate, & a slightly larger luncheon-size plate. All with be placed on the bedroom tray, atop a linen or hand-embroidered place mat, along with coordinating napkins, and bread basket liners.  Crystal water goblets, small crystal fruit juice glasses, and crystal knife rests add to the presentation.  Finally knives, forks, and spoons, in various sizes and for different purposes, along with jam/confit spreaders, salt & pepper shakers, and toast rack, all in sterling silver,  complete the presentation. The pancake/hot cake server was designed specifically to retain the heat of the pancakes from the moment the cook removes them from the hot griddle & places a hot stack of flapjacks on the server, and puts\ the lid on top.  The cook then hands off the server to the upstairs personal maid, who ensures the breakfast tray is perfect, then  climbs the back servant stairs leading upstairs from the kitchen to the master bedroom to deliver the bed tray to the lady of the manor.!