Loetz/Kralik Art Nouveau Orange Tango Glass Vase Circa 1920


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LOETZ/KRALIK ART NOUVEAU ORANGE TANGO GLASS VASE 1920’s – Although most often associated with Michael Powolny, this luscious, bright orange Tango vase, created for the Loetz factory in Bohemia in the early years of the twentieth century, could just as easily have been made by Kralik. This style of vase was also produced in the 1920’s by the Czech Wiener-Werkstätte in Vienna. It is notoriously difficult to identify Kralik pieces (which I believe this may be), as virtually all are unsigned and unattributable, and his designs in many cases were virtually interchangeable with Loetz and Powolny and others, despite the fact that he was running his own separate glassworks. This piece has three of the black-trailed ‘prunts’ often seen on such ‘Loetz’ pieces, with the small red dot at their centre, the broad shoulders, and the metal flower-frog – also both typical. This beautiful cased glass tango vase is in virtually perfect condition – there are no chips, slivers, hairline cracks, bubbles or splits. The neck is absolutely clear. The vase measures 12cm high by about 16cm across at it’s widest, and 7cm across the neck; it weighs just under 400gms unwrapped.