Ann Miller Estate – (VHS) 1950 “Watch The Birdie” Ann Miller / Red Skelton / Arlene Dahl / Leon Ames / Pam Britton / Richard Rober


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Ann Miller Estate – NEW VHS “WATCH THE BIRDIE” ANN MILLER / RED SKELTON – An original, factory-produced, studio-released BRAND NEW, FACTORY SEALED VHS video “WATCH THE BIRDIE”, the madcap comedy from 1950 starring Red Skelton, Arlene Dahl, Ann Miller, Leon Ames, Pam Britton and Richard Rober. This video treasure is very difficult to find in factory sealed condition and it is out of print. It has not been released on DVD. Not one, not two, but three Red Skeltons zig-zag through this madcap adventure! Trying to raise enough money to save his camera store from foreclosure, Rusty Cameron rents a newsreel camera and goes hunting for a story. Encouraged by his father (also played by Skelton) and teased by his grandfather (Skelton again), Rusty plunges forward and nearly drowns in the harbor. Rescued by a beautiful and lonely heiress and tempted by the gorgeous Ann Miller, Rusty lands in the middle of a villainous plot that has just the right touches for romance and pratfalls! MGM/UA Home Video, B&W, approx. 1 hour 11 mins., 1950, hi-fi.