Ann Miller Estate – (VHS) Ann Miller In Turner Classic Movies “Private Screenings” With Robert Osborne – 30 Minutes


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Ann Miller Estate – “PRIVATE SCREENINGS” – Ann Miller – Turner Classic Movies – VHS. Ann Miller is the quest this time out in Robert Osborne’s ongoing series, which takes stars from the past and interviews them in today’s time. Miller opens up about several of her classics including STAGE DOOR, YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU, ROOM SERVICE, TOO MANY GIRLS, EASTER PARADE, ON THE TOWN and KISS ME KATE. She also tells some pretty nice and at times strange stories about some of her co-workers including which Marx brother she was scared of. We also hear about her relationship with Lucille Ball and how she introduced Ball to her future husband. Miller also tells a strange story of how Louis B. Mayer became obsessed with her and then tried to kill himself after she refused to marry him. Another stranger story is Miller saying when she was 9-months pregnant, her husband beat her and threw her down a flight of stairs. With the serious stuff aside, there’s a lot of wonderful talk here about the MGM Factory and various other aspects of her career, which makes this episode a lot of fun. 30 minutes.