Adele Simpson Rare Signed Vintage Rhinestone Sterling Brooch & Wingback Earrings Set, Circa 1940’s – 1970’s (On Sale!!)

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RARE SIGNED VINTAGE RHINESTONE STERLING DEMI BROOCH & EARRINGS – RARE ESTATE RHINESTONE DEMI PARURE JEWELRY – BROOCH + SPECTACULAR VERMEIL SIGNED ADELE SIMPSON – ITEM: Very Early Adele Simpson Signed Starburst Rhinestone Brooch & Earrings Set – TYPE: RARE Vintage SIGNED Costume Jewelry – ERA: early 1940s – This Rhinestone Brooch and Wingback Earrings Set is both Rare and Valuable. It is in Excellent condition, and a perfect book or museum piece. You will gain complements on this great example of fabulous collectible Costume Jewelry! The designer of this brooch and wingback earring set, Adele Simpson (1940’s – 1970’s), began by designing high-quality fashions that were sold in boutiques. To coordinate with her fashions, she produced jewelry in limited quantities for only a few years in the 40s. Jewelry by American Designer Adele Simpson is quite rare and collectible today. Worn by every First Lady from Mamie Eisenhower to Roselin Carter her conservative clothing designs had appeal to professional women everywhere. Back in the day, the jewelry sold for high prices. A piece of Adele Simpson jewelry in the 1950’s might have cost up to $500.00, even back then! The most prominent feature of Simpson jewelry is the quality of the design and manufacture. Her jewelry is so fine and well finished that it is equally beautiful both from the back and the front. What a prize to own and enjoy! Vermeil pieces such as this one have a sterling base, with a solid gold plate of 14K to 18K gold. Vermeil was used in only the finest pieces of costume jewelry of the day. Exemplary! Take note of the unusual signature ~ The Adele Simpson name was accidently overstamped onto the sterling silver mark. Mis-Prints on coins are very collectible, and so is this rare piece of history. You can read her signature on the earrings as well, so this verifies the designer as well. CONDITION: Excellent, all rhinestones intact and sparkling.