Ann Miller Estate – Vintage Original 8” x 10” Black And White 1938 “Room Service’ – Ann Miller / Lucille Ball / The Marx Brothers (Groucho, Harpo And Chico)


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Ann Miller Estate – Room Service – LUCILLE BALL ANN MILLER MARX BROTHERS – This vintage original still shows a VERY RARE photo of the MARX BROTHERS GROUCHO, HARPO and CHICO with LUCILLE BALL and ANN MILLER. Moviephoto from the movie: Room Service this is a Columbian movie photo with the title in Spanish: Servicio de Hotel. Year of the photo: 1938. Size of the photo: Approximately 8” x 10”. Other members of the cast (not necessarily in the movie still): Frank Ferguson, Ann Miller, Lucille Ball, Donald MacBride, Cliff Dunston, Alexander Asro, Philip Wood, Charles Halton, and Philip Loeb.