Ann Miller Estate – Vintage Marcel Franck Crystal Perfume Bottle, Circa 1950’s – 1960’s


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Ann Miller Estate – VINTAGE MARCEL FRANCK Crystal Perfume Bottle – The bottle is wonderfully heavy which leads me to believe that it is crystal. Very thick glass/crystal. I put the bottle on the postal scale and it weighed 15.2 ounces – very close to one pound! It is high quality crystal/glass. Glass is molded in a beautiful diamond pattern that really stands out! On the side of the bottle, the glass is molded in a X pattern down the side. There are the remnants of a silver sticker on one side of the bottle. Impossible to read. The mechanical atomizer works and unscrews from the bottle. The gold-tone MARCEL FRANCK atomizer top shows some age. Atomizer is stamped MARCEL FRANCK MADE IN FRANCE. There appears to be no damage to the bottle, however in it’s fully tightest position the atomizer ends up at about 45 degrees to the bottle. I am guessing that the bottle is Circa 1950’s – 1960’s. So mid century modern! Height is approx 5″ to the top of the stopper. Width of the bottle is 3 1/2″.